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Eric Hardy

Massage therapist and circus performer

Hello, I'm Eric, an experienced massage therapist with five years of expertise in healing through touch. My background as a circus performer enhances my ability to address specific needs, particularly those related to the injuries of performing artists.

With five years of hands-on experience, I specialise in various techniques from deep tissue and sports massage; focusing on promoting holistic well-being. Holding a level 5 diploma in sport and remedial massage therapy, I have successfully worked with a diverse clientele, including athletes, performers, and those seeking relaxation and recovery. Committed to ongoing education, I stay updated on the latest techniques and advancements in the field.

Eric Hardy masseur performing a massage

My philosophy & approach

Circus performer's insight

As a circus performer, I specialise in addressing the injuries that physical artists encounter. From muscle strains in contortion to tension in aerial performances, I create customised treatment plans, leveraging my understanding of the physical demands and challenges of the craft. This insight makes me uniquely qualified with injuries from yoga and aerial yoga. 

Passion for healing

I'm not just a skilled massage therapist: my sincere passion for promoting optimal health and wellness distinguishes me. I believe in the body's healing power and aim to facilitate it through expertise and a caring approach.

Balancing act

As a massage therapist and seasoned circus performer, I blend physical artistry with healing arts in my dynamic career. This dual perspective informs my massage practice, adding a creative touch to each session.

Holistic approach

My holistic wellness philosophy considers physical, mental, and emotional health. I collaborate with clients to achieve their health goals, offering tools for self-care beyond the massage table.

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